How well do you know your Blacks?

Let’s play a little game.

Black Polish

Here’s four shades of black nail polish: MAC Nocturnelle, Rimmel Black Satin, Chanel Black Satin, and MAC Nightfall.

Black Polish

Do you know which is which?

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  • i think #1 is mac nightfall, #2 is rimmel BS #3 is nocturnelle and #4 is Chanel BS

  • Oh Geez, I guess that was too easy!

    Email me P, I have something for you because you’re such a WINNER :)

  • i love this site! yes i will be picking up the MAC nightfall today during my MAC counter trip. (..and i said i would go dark, but not black.) thanks!

  • Working all weekend I see!

    Guess Who (Reply)
  • I saw Christina Aguilara wearing a dark color on her nails on Saturday Night Live. She actually looked pretty good, besides the fake blond clown hair! She was probably wearing one of the colors above. It was a nice glamourous touch. I wish I could get away with it at work!

  • I bought Nightfall but I think I’m going to exchange it for Nocturnelle. The silvery gray didn’t look great with my skintone… if I’m going black, I’m going all the way! Thanks for sacrificing your hands to science!

  • oh wow!!! i *thought* i was right but i never actually knew this was a contest. i’m emailing you right now =)

  • Thanks for the comparison! I wasn’t trying to guess which was which, rather which was my fav. And I liked the MAC Nocturnelle the best, so that’s good to know!

  • […] I have this very cool post from The Makeup Bag that makes their readers choose which black is which, and the answers were very surprising – they were black nailpolish experts! I would not have known that since I haven’t worn black nail polish all my life. Maybe I will – the moment I grow them longer! Haha! […]

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