Creative Spa knocked our socks off

If there was one gift we could give to each and every one of our obsessed-with-beauty friends, it would be a spa pedicure by Creative Spa’s team.

When we first arrived yesterday, there was a huge commotion over at the Creative Spa booth which made us wonder if there was a blue light special or free Elton John tickets up for grabs.

We rushed over to see what the fuss was all about and realized that these grown women, crowded around like kindergarteners pushing their way out the door at recess time, were trying to get their names on the appointment book for their very own SPA PEDICURE.

We should have snapped a picture to show you but we just stood there, mouth hanging to the ground, wondering if the mayhem we saw before us was actually taking place, or if we just had too many glasses of complimentary champagne.

Eventually, and don’t ask us how this happened because it really is nothing short of an act of GOD, we not only got on the list but we got a call-back for an appointment today.


Maybe the nice PR people with Creative Nail Design saw how much we adore Solar Oil or maybe they thought it was strange that we were taking pictures of all their display items and therefore felt the need to invite us back for a treatment. Whatever the reason, we got the best spa pedicure of our life.

After having black polish on our toes for the last two weeks (first Nocturnelle, and then Black Satin) we went with the suggestion of our nail technician Jan (Hi Jan!) who said we’d love this special holiday look of Flounce, a golden orangey-yellow (a color that we wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole if it weren’t for Jan’s excited, “oooooooh, you are gonna LOVE this!”) and Decadence, a deep dark red, just the way red ought to be.

Flounce & Decadence

Creative Nail Design Cuticle Eraser

The pedicure itself was beyond divine and we learned a ton about products we should be using regularly to keep our toes in tip top shape. One of these products is Cuticle Eraser, a blend of alpha- hydroxy acids that exfoliates the cuticle and conditions the healthy skin around your nails.

Wonder product, girls. We loved this so much, when we left the booth, we went straight to the Canyon Ranch Spa to go buy some. Sadly, they don’t carry it, but you can guarantee we will be ordering some.

And here is the finished product: As Jan calls them, Candy Apple Red toes.


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  • Beautiful toes – what a treat for you. Hope you are having a wonderful time with all those killer products.

  • Hi Sister! Don’t worry, I have your Creme de la Mer samples tucked safely in my luggage. Can you wait until Thanksgiving or shall I FedEx them to you?! HA!

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