Cameras don’t lie

Nothing brightens your face more than a pretty, white smile. Especially in photographs.

And at our house, the holidays are all about taking pictures. LOTS of them!

Lancome Red Stiletto We found that the quickest way to brighten our smile (aside from that one time when we thought we’d be really clever and whiten our teeth with bleaching strips and then proceeded to get SHOCKED with cold sensitivity and hot sensitivity and AIR sensitivity every time we put something in our mouth) (Seriously, we couldn’t even take a deep breath without recoiling in pain from our sensitive teeth*) is with a pretty cool-red lipstick like Lancôme’s Color Design Lipstick in Red Stiletto.

Is this the most perfect shade of red you have ever seen, or what?**

A blue-based red like this gorgeous one manages to balance out any discoloration in your teeth making them appear whiter and brighter. And when you feel confident about your smile, your holiday photos will be so much better.

*If this ever happens to you, don’t bother with those desensitizing toothpastes. They don’t work. You MUST treat your sensitivity with Orajel Advanced Tooth Desensitizer. Just one treatment (which takes only minutes) and sensitivity is gone. (And you can breathe easy once again!)

**Creamy red lipstick is not for wimps. Please, we beg of you, take extra care to keep it off your teeth. And for the love of Starbucks, do not take a sip of coffee, leave a red stain on your cup and then smear it all over your cheek the next time you take a sip. Save yourself (and everyone else) the embarrassment and drink from the same spot on your cup each time. (And what are you drinking coffee for anyway? We’re trying to preserve the WHITE TEETH here, people.)

Lancôme Color Design Lipstick in Red Stiletto, $20

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  • insert your clean index finger into your mouth slightly,close your lips around it (ahem) and withdraw it slowly,,it will remove excess lip color from your lips ,especially near the teeth so that lipstick wont get on them when you talk

    thomas (Reply)
  • I’m loving red lipstick right now. I feel your pain though, I’m constantly licking my teeth to prevent an embarrassing moment.


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