Aveda Holiday 2006: Mesmerize

Aveda Holiday 2006

With gemstone hues and dramatic looks, Aveda’s Mesmerize Face Color Holiday 2006 collection is taking center stage.

Rosy gold, glowing garnet and deep ruby are the focus of this mesmerizing collection, and we can’t stop looking.

Aveda is even showing us how to get this look for ourself. (Because we all need a little more DRAMA in our lives, right?!)


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  • I just think you have one of the best blogs around. That being said, I have a problem with this AVEDA ad. I’m all for drama but to me this makeup is poorly applied. Too heavy handed esp the lips. But I agree with you the color palette is beautiful.

  • David! You’re sweet. Yes, it’s definitely not a look I’d wear, but there’s something about this look that’s so beautiful to me. Maybe it’s the messy-ish application that makes it so appealing to me, but she definitely draws me in. Kinda trashy, but lovely at the same time!

  • I agree with David, your blog rocks, I check back everyday :)
    I just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my eyeshadow post, but I’ve updated it, so check back soon 😉

    I replied to your comment there, but I just have to ask you here as well – what’s your mix, girl!? I’m SO excited to know another mixed beauty blogger. I’m half Asian as well 😀 And your guy is Portuguese, I remember you writing? Your children must be gorgeous.

  • I HAD to comment because this look is so striking. She looks like a painting. Absolutely gorgeous. Love the lips, and the eyes are too much for me to wear, but I like the shadow colors. I bet they would look gorgeous on women like me.


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