Addicted to darkness

Our little french manicure only lasted for two days. (Not because it wasn’t looking fresh, because it totally was.)

It is just that after having deep dark nails for the last several weeks, we just weren’t feeling the preppy french-mani look. We felt sort of guilty erasing the pretty white tips off our nails with an acetone soaked cotton ball, but we couldn’t take it any longer.

We literally felt naked without our sexy goth fingertips.

Creative Nail Design Fedora

This week we gave Creative Nail Design’s Fedora a spin, and we’re digging the darkness without being black (it’s a very dark brown.) Definitely use two coats of this for deep dark perfection.

Creative Nail Design Fedora

Creative Nail Design Fedora, $6

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  • […] 5. Creative Nail Design in Fedora. Our favorite trend this year by far is goth nails. We love the look of black nails, but after raising a few eyebrows at the office, we settled on Fedora, which is a deep, dark brown and not quite as edgy as Black Satin or Nocturnelle. And Creative Nail Design makes a great long-lasting polish that manages to stay fresh longer than our other favorite brands. […]

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