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Kristen Kelly, Beauty AddictKristen Kelly is the darling writer behind Beauty Addict, the most well known beauty website in the blogosphere and recently covered New York Fashion Week for her thousands of readers. We had the chance to catch up with Kristen and ask her a few questions about being a beauty blogger.

Makeup Bag: Hi Kristen. Thanks so much for giving us this time with you and letting us get to know the Beauty Addict a little better. Your blog is only a year old and yet it’s the most popular beauty blog out there right now. Being a young, beautiful, single girl with a full time job, it must be crazy finding the time to keep your site updated. Can you tell us what your ‘routine’ is as far as researching and testing products and writing about them for your site, as well as keeping up with emails and other correspondence you must get barraged with daily?

Kristen Kelly: First off, you flatter me too much! Keeping my life in order is a bit of a balancing act sometimes, but it’s fun and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Research is easy– just shopping and perusing websites–and it’s one of the reasons I decided to start the blog in the first place. I wanted to make better use of the time I was already spending checking out beauty products!

Writing is a little harder; I travel a lot and sometimes my schedule is a bit unpredictable. I love doing the blog, but my job has to come first, so I find ways to work around it. I really appreciate rainy Sundays lately, because they give me an excuse to stay in the house and bank a few posts for the upcoming week. For the most part I think I’ve got it under control, although I did get an email from one of my best friends recently, chastising me, “I shouldn’t have to read your blog to find out what’s going on with you!” So sometimes I’m not sure!

I am absolutely terrible with email, but I’m getting better. I think I’m going to bribe my teenage cousin into being my personal assistant.

MB: As one of your regular readers, having you cover runway beauty at New York Fashion Week was incredible. There aren’t many people in the tents focusing on the beauty aspect of fashion trends, much less bloggers. Can you tell us what it was like to be a blogger amongst the print press at Fashion Week?

KK: Being in the press area at Fashion Week is really a great equalizer. You’re crammed in these little spaces, laptop out and phone in hand, finding yourself sandwiched between the photographer from the New York Times and the fashion writer another major paper. When space is at a premium and everyone has a deadline, no one really cares if you write for Allure, for a blog, or for your diary!

MB: How incredible was it to watch makeup artists like Gucci Westman from Lancome and Tom Pecheux from Shiseido working backstage at the shows?

KK: It was so amazing! I loved how inventive they were with existing products.

MB: Were you able to learn any new tips or techniques while watching them work?

KK: Gucci used a mousse blush as a lip stain, and I loved the look so much that I’ve been doing it ever since. And Tom does the most incredible skin! He used a beige shimmer mousse eyeshadow as a face highlighter over foundation, on the sides of the face and even the tops of the ears. It looked gorgeous–like the face was lit from within.

MB: I just recently started wearing Lancome’s mousse blush and I love it. I’ll have to try it as a lip stain. You recently added a MySpace account to accompany your Beauty Addict site, which by the way looks great. Where do you see your site going from here? Will there be any new features for us to look forward to?

KK: While I do have lots of ideas and wild dreams for the site, I just try to take it day by day because I’m never sure I’ll have the time or resources to make these things happen. I’m just glad to have the opportunity to write every day and am still amazed that so many people come to read it! That said, I have a few new ideas that you might be seeing over the next few months. One of the suggestions actually came from a reader. And that’s all I’ll say!

MB: Sounds exciting! After being featured in Allure, The New York Times Style Section and Women’s Wear Daily are you ever recognized out on the streets of New York?

KK: Right after the Times piece, a sales associate at the Sisley counter at Bergdorf’s recognized me, and it was a little strange. I’ve been recognized by a couple of women at a fragrance event I went to, and also by a couple of other bloggers at Fashion Week, but I’ve never been approached by a stranger on the street. I think you have to be a heck of a lot more “famous” for that! Maybe if I get on Oprah one day.

MB: In almost all of the pictures we’ve seen of you, you have some great sunglasses on your head to accessorize your outfit. Just how many pairs of sunglasses do you own?

KK: Hehe, that’s a loaded question! This is going to sound really gluttonous, I suppose. I have 2 pairs of vintage Porsche Design aviators (thanks Dad!) which are my absolute favorites, and then black frame Oliver Peoples, pink and taupe plastic Betsey Johnsons (HUGE bug-eyes), gold-frame Valentino shields with pearls on them, 3 pairs of Burberry aviators, a Bolle pair for skiing, and then the really blingy pair – gold, tortoiseshell and rhinestone Chanels. So that’s 10 pairs. Yikes!

MB: What other interests does the Beauty Addict have aside from beauty?

KK: Traveling! I’ve been all over the US and also to England, France, the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Spain and Greece. I love Woody Allen movies, wine, old books, and the New York Times Sunday crossword. And I have a rather large collection of belts and thick bangle bracelets, which are beginning to encroach on the sunglasses.

MB: And you didn’t even mention your shoes! Last question, when you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up?

KK: I think when I was 10 I was in a cardiac surgeon phase. I also recall wanting to be an artist, a psychiatrist, a talk-radio advice host a la Frasier, and a children’s book author.

MB: Thank you Kristen. We’re looking forward to more exciting things from the Beauty Addict, especially Fashion Week next February. Please tell us you’ll be there again…

KK: As long as they’ll have me. and I have enough vacation days, I’ll be there!

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  • Great interview

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    K is lovely and such a wonderful friend. You captured her very well.
    BTW: I can vouch for how stunning her bangle collection is. There is one that I want to steal!!!

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