TGIF and Guess What?

Our sister is the B.E.S.T.Chanel Black Satin

Do you want to know why?!

We’ll give you two hints. BLACK. SATIN.

Today she got the call from her local Nordstrom in Dallas, TX to come and pick up her exclusive bottle. At our urging, she had put her name on the list several weeks ago and was fortunate enough to make the cut (they only received 20 bottles.)

Because she’s the best sister in the whole world, she got in her car and drove over to Nordstrom immediately where the Chanel representative had each bottle individually wrapped and labeled with customers names.

And if that doesn’t convince you of her wonderfulness, how about this? She then drove over to Fedex and shipped the little piece of heaven to us.

Smooches to you, sister. XOXO.

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  • Erika, So jealous that you got your Black Satin, what a great start to your weekend!! Wear it well!

  • I find these kind of shortages so hard to believe. Is this something Chanel does to create a demand? Can someone explain it to me?

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