Sisley at COSTCO

Sisley Ecological CompoundEvery time we step into Costco we’re amazed at the new beauty companies that have signed on to have their products featured in big, flat, plastic packaging as if it were a curling iron on the shelves at WalMart. (Wait, that’s not a good analogy. Costco is similar to Walmart, only with better produce and a membership fee.)

Still, it’s strange to see high end beauty products like Sisley Ecological Compound bound in hard plastic, not able to breathe, begging passers by to please take it home. Except that passers by in places like this would rather feed their arm to a pack of pitbulls than spend a C note on moisturizer.

But us? We’re much wiser. Because we know that this exact product retails at Saks Fifth Avenue for $190.00. That’s a NINETY ONE DOLLAR DISCOUNT. Who cares if it’s wrapped up so tight we need industrial sized scissors to let it loose.

We love Costco.

Sisley Ecological Compound 4.2 oz at COSTCO, $99

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