Your eyes are not deceiving you.

That does say MACouture. As in MAC and Couture.

When we first saw this, someone had to pick us up off the floor and hold a cool washcloth to our forehead because we totally broke out in a cold sweat and fainted. FAINTED!

In fact, our fingers are shaking as we type this because OHMYGOD an upscale collection in exclusive packaging and haute luxury, and get this: ONE SEASON ONLY.

That would be this very season. As in, now*.

Can you stand it?

Well if you can, it won’t be for long because after we tell you what MACouture has to offer, someone will be picking you up off the floor and holding a cool washcloth to your forehead.

The elements of MACouture:

MACouture Sheer Mystery Powder

Sheer Mystery Powder, an ultra-fine, super-sheer, and very sophisticated pressed powder available in four shades (Light: Creamy Ivory, Medium: Soft Beige, Dark: Warm Caramel, and Deep Dark: Soft Cocoa.)

Richmetal HighlighterMACouture Richmetal Highlighter, creamy powder formula, ultra-fine pigments and a micro-reflection complex give a multidimensional metal effect. Can be used on the eyes, brow bone, cheeks, or wherever a hint of metallic shimmer is desired. Available in four shades (La Mode: Beige gold, Gilt Edge: Dirty Green Gold, Rare and Refined: Rose Gold, Arc Silver: Platinum.)
MACouture Lipstick

MACouture Lipstick, full coverage and dense colour release with a rich silky soft feel. Leaves lips looking lustrous and satiny. Available in four shades (Red No. 5: Rich raspberry red with soft red pearl, House of Style: Soft muted rosey pink with soft pearl, Couture: Plumy mauve with soft pink pearl, Influential: Deep peach with gold pearl.)

MACouture Lipglass, high-shine super-sheer lipgloss that leaves lips softMACouture Lipglass
and lustrous. Available in four colors (Prestigious: Sheer soft burgundy with gold pearl, Magnificent: Sheer soft bubblegum pink with white pearl, Collection ’06: Sheer soft pinky peach with gold pearl, Savoir Faire: Sheer caramel with gold pearl.)

All MACouture products feature gunmetal and black packaging lavishly encrusted with black stones.

Are you still there?

*By NOW we really mean, November. Don’t hate us.

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  • omigosh! i am trying to stay in my chair! i heard of a jeweltone collection coming in november… maybe this is it? (the names of the colors)

  • I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo there.
    Gilt Edge, here I come!

  • Thank you so much for the info! I am sooo looking forward to this collection coming out. I was a bit disappointed with the Holiday collection.

  • […] MAC Coutoure – I first read about this on MakeupBag. Not sure if it’s 2 words (just fif a Google search for MACouture and nothing came up), or one, but whatever it is, it’s going to be unbelievable. I’m already overwhelmed by their holiday palettes, and want them all, and now, with the Couture being released in November, I’m in MAC overload and I love it. […]

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