MAC Attack

And you thought we were done with MAC.

Think again.

Inspired by the elegant chic of evening wear, MAC is presenting a collection of six Dress Sets: an assortment of colors and finishes set inside a slick black box finished with lace.

MAC Dress Sets

Or, if you’re like us and have no intention of donning formal wear this holiday season, you can appreciate these sassy little containers of color in yet another I-Don’t-Need-This-But-I’m-Getting-It-Anyway-Because-It’s-So-Darn-Cute box set.

So here you have it, the Dress Sets:

Dress Sets

Top Left: 5 Warm Lustre and Lipglass

  • New Flame Lipglass
  • Florabundance Lipglass
  • Spring Bean Lustreglass
  • Wonderstruck Lustreglass
  • Instant Gold Lustreglass

Top Right: 5 Cool Lustre and Lipglass

  • Fine China Lipglass
  • Courting Rose Lipglass
  • Magnetique Lipglass
  • Opal Lustreglass
  • Pinkarat Lustreglass

Middle Left: 4 Lipgelées

  • Jellicious
  • Who’s that Lady
  • Saplicious
  • Jellybabe

Middle Right: 5 Cool Pigments

  • Frozen White
  • Naval Blue
  • Violet
  • Dark Soul
  • Pinked Mauve

Bottom Left: 5 Warm Pigments

  • Pink Bronze
  • Vanilla
  • Tan
  • Old Gold
  • Chartreuse

Bottom Right: 4 Shadesticks

  • Lucky Jade
  • Silverbleu
  • Shimmersand
  • Royal Hue

Coming soon to a MAC counter near you. Divine!

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  • Thanks for the info! I think I may just be interested in the Lip Gelees. Good thing for my walltet!


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