Fun with Max Factor

Max Factor MAXwear Lip ColorAfter reading a few recent and not so recent reviews on Max Factor’s MAXwear Lip Color, we decided to try it out for ourself.

Surprisingly, Violet Vamp is the color we liked best even though it seemed uber-dark on the Max Factor website. We followed Pat McGrath’s instructions for achieving lush lips and first applied the lip stain over a very light layer of lip balm and let it dry for a full minute before adding the gloss.

The gloss half of Violet Vamp is what scared us about this color at first (soooo PURPLE!) but when applied over the dark burgundy lip stain it created a beautiful shade that we just can’t explain. (Red-ish berry with a hint of lavendar sparkle? Not too dark, but dark enough to go “Whoa, pretty!”)

We wore this combination out to dinner and amazingly, the lip stain held its color for us. Of course we had to re-apply the gloss several times, but a quick look in the mirror when we arrived home several hours later proved that MAXwear has staying power.

Max Factor MAXwear Lip Color, $9.5

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