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Anthony SosnickWhile Anthony Sosnik, founder of Anthony Logistics For Men, was making stops across the country promoting his new skincare products, we caught up with him on the phone as he landed in Las Vegas for an appearance at Nordstrom at the Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip.

Tony was excited to tell us that he has recently launched 15 new products and is redesigning the website to make his already-easy site navigation even easier.

We talked about how skincare for men can be a bit overwhelming, especially for the man whose only experience with products has been Gillette shaving cream, a splash of cologne and maybe (maybe!) when no one is looking, a sneak of his wife’s facial cleanser that she keeps in the shower.

Tony’s solution for this is to keep his products in the men’s section of the retail stores and offer samples samples samples. This way, a leery prospect can feel comfortable about perusing the products (this IS the Men’s Department, after all) and will even be offered a sample to take home and try in the comfort of his own home (See? it’s all about comfort.)

Our own husband has been known to dip into our drawer of skincare products and has even found his own favorites. Benefit’s Pineapple Facial Polish and Lancome’s Bienfait Multi-Vitale SPF 30 Lotion are the two that show up on the countertop near his sink most often. While this is very amusing (as long as he doesn’t go near the Creme de la Mer, we’re fine with it) he would never openly admit to his buddies that he uses his wife’s beauty products.

Tony said this is not uncommon, and it’s one of the reasons he started this line six years ago. It is hard to find products specifically geared toward men, aside from cologne and shaving products, and as men become more and more grooming-conscious, they need products that address their specific needs (which, according to Tony’s research, is a preference for oversized tubes and fragrance-free blends.)

The thing that impressed us even more than their simple, direct approach to skincare for men (all products are broken down into four core areas of face, shave, hair and body and are marked with simple descriptions like ‘Remove the Grime’ on the Algae Facial Cleanser) is that Anthony Logistics for Men contributes a portion of all their proceeds toward the research of prostate cancer and is dedicated to supporting the elimination of this deadly disease.

Tony’s own father suffered from lung cancer which eventually took his life as Anthony Logistics for Men was in its inception. While Tony’s company supports prostate cancer research because it’s the most common non-skin cancer in America, afflicting one in six men in America, he is passionate about creating awareness for cancer in general and promotes exercise, good nutrition and rest as a way to not only keep your skin looking nice, but to achieve optimum health overall.

From now until December 1st, you can visit the Anthony Logistics for Men website and enter to Win one of Anthony Logistics for Men’s Shave Solutions, a travel kit with full sizes of Shave Cream, Algae Facial Cleanser, Facial Scrub, After Shave Balm & Shave Towel ($78.00 value) and see the other great products that are perfect for the man in your life.

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  • I think it’s great that men are becoming more and more aware of their health and appearance. They’re even getting botox and face lifts and Male Breast Reduction.

    I mean maybe some things are going a bit far for both sexes, but I think that for one thing, it’s great for a man to take care of his skin. Sure, a man may not have to look as soft and smooth as a woman, but he can still get skin cancer and age spots and wrinkles.

    It took me the longest time to convince an old boyfriend just to wear sunscreen! “What do you think you’re immune?” I’d ask.

    The whole turn towards being “metrosexual” is a great move – as long as the men don’t start wearing more eyeliner than us!!


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