Eau de Lune

We didn’t really want to post a new product this morning because that Clinique Pink Chocolates Holiday Colour Collection looks so pretty against our blue background. But alas, today is a new day and warrants a new post.

So we’ll tell you about some other pretty products we’ve come across.

Last weekend, we hit the Laura Mercier counter to get her new Star Struck Glace which promised to enhance our skin tone and make our lips fuller (we must say, this lip gloss does not disappoint) and ended up going home with not only the Star Struck Glace but also Eau de Lune Luxurious Body Creme.

As we enter the cold months, we’re forced to slather our skin each night in rich body cream with hopes of retaining some of the moisture this relentless desert air sucks out of us.

When we smelled this Eau de Lune Luxurious Body Creme by Laura Mercier, we could not leave the store without it. The scent is a light floral with hints of violet and ylang-ylang and is perfectly subtle in this creme format. We do wish that the creme itself were heavier and a little less like lotion, as we have probably used half the container in three short days. But the scent of Eau de Lune makes it totally worthwhile.

Laura Mercier Eau de Lune Luxurious Body Creme, $50

Laura Mercier Star Struck Glace, $22

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