Armani Code for Women

We’re a little behind the times as we’ve already seen some great reviews of Armani Code for Women here and here, but what the hell, we’ll throw in our two cents as well.

First off, we have to say that this bottle is incredibly sleek and beautiful. We actually set it on our bedside table as if it were a bouquet of flowers and unknowingly kept glancing over at it until our husband was all, “Stop staring at that perfume bottle, it can’t be more interesting than me.”

But then we tried it on, and he couldn’t help but tell us how nice we smelled.

The simple scent of orange blossom with a soft hint of vanilla makes this fragrance both feminine and elegant. At first it seemed too bold for us, but soon it softened up and had us pretending to push the hair out of our eyes ALL DAY just so we could nonchalantly smell the fragrance on our wrist.

After wearing this fragrance for over ten hours (without touching up once) the scent still lingered. We’re charmed.

Armani Code for Women, $55

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  • This is one of my new favorites! However, I am looking for a signature scent. Maybe next I will try Chanel Chance or Maybe Allure????? Any suggestions? Strange Code was released last Spring when its such a Fall/Winter scent…….

  • My vote is for Chanel Allure. Gorgeous scent.

    And yes, I do think Code is more suited for fall/winter than spring. Which makes it perfect for right now :)

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