Chanel Holiday 2006

Chanel Holiday 2006Things are just too exciting around here. We seriously can not stop smiling.Chanel Winter Nights

Just LOOK at what Chanel is offering for the holiday season.

If you think this Winter Nights eyeshadow quad looks incredible here, you should see the real deal. We didn’t even want to put it on our eyes this morning because how could we mess up the perfection that is Winter Nights by actually USING IT?

We also bought nail color in Wonderland because (OH God, here we go again!) if we can’t have That One Nail Color That Everyone Wants But Can’t Have And We Won’t Mention Names Because You’re Thinking Just Shut Up About It Already, then this pretty pink is the next best thing.

Chanel WonderlandThis is the best holiday season so far and HA! we don’t even have our Halloween costume yet.

How awesome is that?

Chanel Holiday 2006

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