Black Satin Update: Part 46772

This totally SUCKS. (That’s a capital S.U.C.K.S)

Unfortunately, the Chanel representatives that we spoke with gave us the wrong information. It appears that Black Satin will not be available at until NOVEMBER 15th. GAH!

When we first read the New York Times article, we called Chanel right away and the customer service agent said she would call us back within 24 hours with the information on when Black Satin would be available online. Being the impatient product junkie that we are, we called back before the 24 hours were up and a different agent told us that it will be available “beginning at 10am, Central time on Sunday the 15th.” Those were her exact words.

In addition, the original customer service agent called back and left us a voice mail message that indeed Black Satin would be available on “the 15th.”

And this totally made sense to us because the New York Times article said that Chanel would be shipping to stores on Monday, so why wouldn’t the online store take orders on Sunday and ship on Monday as well? Gah. Gah. Gah.

So, dear readers, we are sorry for the misinformation. Hopefully you are on the list at your local Chanel counter, because it seems that November 15th will be the day it’s available at

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  • well i for one are pissed. I think chanel did not have a “typo” on the memo with regards to the month of when they are going to be shipping the black satin. Also this was a company wide email. Wouldn’t someone double check before you start telling all these people the wrong information. well chanel has succeeded in making everyone want the black satin even more..because you always want what you can’t have..freakin black satin!!!!!!!!!!

    missbehavin (Reply)
  • I know!!! I feel so bad for giving you all the wrong info… total bummer any way you look at it :(

  • Actually, I’m pretty glad that this happened. Why? Because if it would’ve been shipped out this Monday I probably wouldn’t get it since I was only put on the waiting list yesterday. Plus I have my graduation dress to pay off next pay day so i’d have $25 to my name if I was lucky.

    MAC’s Nightfall will have to do another month.

    Thanks for the new knowledge,

  • I’m in the UK and I called my local Chanel stockists and they were very unhelpful and downright clueless about this new shipment. They said even their own representatives never magaged to get a bottle for themselves.

    Can anyone suggest how I might be able to get my name on a waiting list even though I’m oveseas. Do you put yr name on lists at department stores? If so, which one?

    I’d appreciate any info from you ladies.

    nicky p (Reply)
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  • Well…today is November 15th, and NO black satin has shown up on at all today.


    Cherie (Reply)
  • Actually, they were taking orders by phone only because they had a limited stock of 200 bottles that sold out almost immediately on the 15th!

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