Because we REALLY need another shimmer powder

Why is it that we are drawn to certain things, and no matter how many we already have (18 shades of shimmery deep dark green eyeshadow, 10 tubes of exfoliators, and TWENTY SEVEN SHIMMER POWDERS) there’s always room for one more?

Come on, you know as well as we do that each of these are remarkably different (even if that remarkable difference is very subtle.) And so it just makes sense to have them all. Right?

Right?!DuWop Ice

Yesterday we saw DuWop Ice for the first time and although it looks rather Blah! in this photo here, it is totally NOT Blah!

At all.

Frankly, we haven’t been this excited about a shimmer powder since… um… last week?

But still, we love this. It has a light iridescent pearl sheen that looks just lovely. And can we mention the price? At $18 this shimmer powder is considerably less than some of the others we’ve purchased recently.

Also, it has a clever little magnetic closing compact that’s sleek and not at all bulky. Perfect to throw in our bag for quick illuminating touchups. Because we’re glow-y like that.

DuWop ICE, $18

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  • Erika,

    Thanks for your kind comment on my site. Your site, hands down, is one of the best – it’s the one of the first I check every morning!

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  • I have been dying (okay, not really, but…) to try Ice since I got DuWop’s bronzerush compact. It’s not that they’re at all similar, but I just want something new. And it’s (almost) winter, so Ice seems so appropriate. I’m gettin’ it, and that’s all there is to it… :)