The incredible bending lashes

Benefit Lash Bent MascaraWe love how Benefit does such a great job marketing their products in the department store.

Rarely, if ever, do we get past the Benefit counter without a cheery sales girl asking us if they can show us some new products, grabbing us by the arm like they’re our best girlfriend, and leading us to the makeup chair.

Yesterday, with a few minutes to kill, we willingly succumbed to the sales ploy and found ourselves in the chair and face to face with several of our favorite Benefit products. At one point, after we had told her that we already owned many of the products she was pushing on us (Uh-huh, we’ve had Supermodel in a Bottle for over FIVE YEARS, and yes we LOVE Dallas and got it the day it hit the stores, and oh yes we’ve been using Brow Tint forever, and yup! already have the High Brow, and Ooh La Lift has saved us on many mornings) we found ourselves actually apologizing that she didn’t have anything new to show us.

The manager had overheard our conversation and stepped out from behind the counter with a mascara wand in hand. “I’ll bet you haven’t tried this,” she said excitedly while waving her arm in the air.

“Bad Gal?”

“No no no my dear. This is Get Bent Lash and it is the most incredible mascara you will ever try. Trust me. Not only does it lengthen, but it curls! Right before your eyes! This product is flying off the shelves and the manufacturer just can’t keep up. It’s THAT wonderful.”

Lo and behold, she was right. Although the bent applicator was a bit awkward, our lashes were lengthened and curled and we walked out of there with yet another tube of mascara.

And a renewed appreciation for the Benefit counter tactics.

Benefit Get Bent Mascara, $19

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  • I’ve been seeing the Get Bent Lash everywhere, but the crooked wand intimidates me. Does it make the product harder to use? Also, I never trust those self-curling mascaras since I’m Asian and my lashes are straight as an arrow. I’m wondering – do they really work??

  • Hi Christina, I am part asian too and can’t live without my Shu Uemura eyelash curler. Even with self curling mascaras, I still need to curl my lashes before applying. This mascara really has worked for me as far as lengthening and curling. The trick for me is to really wipe the excess off the wand before I apply. This makes a thin layer and doesn’t weigh down my skimpy lashes while it’s doing its thing!

  • Ack! I just had to read this after buying a new mascara. 😉

    kimberlee (Reply)

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