Our Interview with David Ray

David RayThis week I had the opportunity to interview David Ray, author of Makeup Beat, an insightful and witty blog about beauty and fashion and everything that goes along with it.

David Ray began his career as a makeup artist and hair stylist and has managed to work in nearly every aspect of the beauty industry since. He has worked with many celebrities and supermodels and contributed to several beauty publications such as Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and French Elle.

Makeup Bag: Hi David. I love your blog and are so excited to be able to get to know a little more about you, thank you for giving us this time with you.

You have such an impressive resume in the beauty industry that spans from freelance to advertising to creative directing to consulting. Obviously, all things beauty is your calling, but which aspect do you feel best encompasses your talent as a creator?

David Ray: I have enjoyed every aspect of the beauty industry and as the creative director I am able to combine them all. I’ve always worked conceptually. As an advertising makeup artist I took my inspiration from the model, what she was wearing, the type of product, the colors of the set, etc. So it is even more fulfilling to be the person making all those decisions from the start by creating the original concept. I love photography plus with my makeup artist and fashion styling background I can communicate my vision more effectively to my team.
Consulting is an opportunity to use my years of experience helping cosmetic companies develop new products which is also very rewarding.

MB: Is there someone in the beauty industry that you looked up to when you were first getting started?

DR: Serge Lutens, creative head of Dior and then Shiseido, is still one of my heroes. I also was inspired by makeup artist Way Bandy. And I admire the creative genius of the French art director Jean-Paul Goude.

MB: You’ve worked with some incredibly beautiful women including, Christie Brinkley, Jaclyn Smith and Nicolette Sheridan. As an artist, is it harder to work with a “celebrity” that is well known for a particular look (ie: Christie Brinkley = Wholesome)?

DR: Working with celebrities is great but you do have to keep in mind their public image and that they need to be recognizable. Of course Christie was a model but was still booked mostly for her fresh natural look.

MB: And she still looks amazing to this day. Would you give us a beauty tip for the ‘real woman’?

DR: Have your eyelashes dyed black and then use an eye-lash curler. Also there seems to be two main types of women, the ones that are afraid of makeup and use too little and the woman that loves makeup and wants to wear it all at the same time…try to find a balance.

MB: I love that you love dogs! I have a Siberian Husky and a Yorkie/Shih-Tzu mix, but haven’t had the pleasure of knowing any French Bulldogs. What makes the French Bulldog breed unique?Kobey-Rose

DR: French Bulldogs are known as the little clowns of the dog world so they have lots of personality which is balanced by the fact that they love to sleep, so they’re not hyper. And they are not big barkers…good for apartment living. My girl Kobey-Rose is quite the “celeb-u-pup” having been featured on the Martha Stewart Show, Animal Planet and several magazines and websites. Can you tell I’m a proud papa? I even have a web-site, Gents Canine Society.com, all about dogs and the men that love them.

MB: She’s adorable! Thank you so much for spending this time with us. We’ve got your sites loaded into our feedreader and look forward to your up and coming material.

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