Because beautiful skin does not come cheap

Sisley Sisleya Eye CreamA business trip to Las Vegas this week found me standing in front of the Sisley counter at Saks Fifth Avenue on the Las Vegas Strip.

I have never before used Sisley, a french skincare line that uses botanical products and essential oils to accelerate surface microcirculation and promote toxin elimination, resulting in radiant skin.

My favorite product by far is the Sisleya Eye/Lip Contour Cream, which after only three days has left the delicate skin around my eyes more firm and hydrated than ever before.

(I have recently been using La Mer eye cream, which, according to the lovely Sisley representative, I have been doing ALL WRONG! Apparently, after applying La Mer eye cream, you need to seal with a layer of Creme de La Mer in order to hold the moisture in and allow the eye cream to penetrate the skin. Lovely Sisely Representative used to work for La Mer which is how she knows this very important detail about applying their eye cream, but OHMYGOD why didn’t anyone tell me this when I bought it?)

In addition to the incredible eye treatment, I have been literally blown away by their other products, especially the Intensive Night Cream and the Buff & Wash Facial Gel. The only drawback is that I might have to sell my car in order to keep up with this luxe regimen.

Sisley Sisleya Eye and Lip Contour Cream, $165

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  • Thanks for the report, however I wanted to add that I used both La Mer and Sisley for years and they really aren’t worth the money. I think that a lot of this has to do with the packaging of the two products, as their creams are housed in jars rather than pump dispensers. Creams packaged in jar oxidize every time they’re exposed to the enviornment, so in a short time they’re virtually worthless.

  • Thanks for the comment Fifi. I don’t think I’ve ever come across an eye cream with a pump dispenser… Please tell me what you’re using!

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